Dirt, Schmirt

You know those days? Those It-started-so-well days? When the baby slept all night, when you got 2 cups of coffee before anyone got up,  when the sun was shining like a beacon through the typically freezing Canadian winter? Tra-la-la, birds and woodland creatures helped me get dressed this morning.


The 'it-started-so-well' day

It was all downhill from there.

Nothing major, just a boatload of tiny irritants and toddler crises,  exacerbated by both of my little humans napping very poorly.  All of a sudden, that laundry I still didn’t get folded, that pile of crumbs I swept into the corner, and no further, the stack of dirty supper dishes and countless other chores seemed insurmountable and I was desperate to complete them.

Next thing you know,  I’m yelling at the big one, handing the little screaming one off to her dad, and walking out the door into the darkness, standing on the cold porch,  damp under my bare feet, and breathing in a little quiet. A brief reset that only kind of did the trick

I just could not get it all done. I have my super mom days, when the house is in order, everyone is clean and a from-scratch dinner is in the works. Today, I had to accept a loss when Juniper pooped through her clothes and needed a bath,  like, right now.

But you know what happened? As I was drying off my fresh little peanut, she began smiling and chirping at me, her nose crinkling, her tongue out. I got sucked into playing with her, there on the bathroom floor.

It’s a funny thing, when all the little things pile up and checking them off the list feels like the only way to save your day, but the kids make it impossible, how, if you can just take the time to fully focus on those wonderful little humans, the dust, the dirt, the grumps really seem irrelevant.

I took the time to fully embrace bedtime with Pepper.  Extra hugs, kisses, giggles, songs. I had to be conscious not to be in a rush to finish, so I could do the next thing. Truly,  though, these moments of focus on my babies, they brought me back in the game. 

Screw the dishes,  for once. Maybe that gleaming sunlight really highlights the dust, but, it’ll be dark soon. Meh. Maybe if I put my energy fully into these little people, I’ll be too busy to care.

Disclaimer: while I had abandoned the dishes in the name of allowing myself to be happy and focused on the kids, my very wonderful husband cleaned the kitchen. High five for a real parenting partnership!

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