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Dirt, Schmirt

You know those days? Those It-started-so-well days? When the baby slept all night, when you got 2 cups of coffee before anyone got up,  when the sun was shining like a beacon through the typically freezing Canadian winter? Tra-la-la, birds … Continue reading

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Little Cracks

Even though it’s so, so sweet, it can still be so hard. I’m so happy to be the mom of 2 girls, one 2 years, one 2 months. There are so very many magical moments every day; smiles and giggles … Continue reading

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This Time Around

Well, it’s only been, what, 6 months since I’ve posted? The blog falls to the back burner, I admit, but for anyone still following, as we’ve just entered 2017, a brief update. Our second daughter  Juniper arrived in November,  in, … Continue reading

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