Every Leaf’s a Flower

My sahm immune system has no business being out of it’s bubble, let alone in a kindergarten full of runny noses. Good lord.


Two days spent back at work resulted in a cold that completely and utterly took me down.  On the brightside, I fell right back into the routine at work, and I’m feeling positive about challenging my little buddies to learn new skills in class.

My first week back was insane. Not only was I out of the house at work for two days, but every other day was booked with meetings and appointments, or essential mom naps (because I was barely functioning with this cold). To top it off, we got roped into hosting a very early thanksgiving  (skillfully prepped and prepared between naps ) at the end of the week. I pulled it off, I’m proud to say, though the jury’s still out on whether or not the pumpkin pie contained my cold germs.

But poor little Pep.

Dad did a great job and held his own at home, tidying up and prepping dinner. But after 15 months of mom’s routine, those little changes in the day left me with a rather cranky, clingy, angry creature who refused to sleep. Yikes.

A number of nighttime meltdowns and failed attempts to keep the girl in bed finally led me to see that she’s just not ready for one nap  a day. Or at least not in the midst of these changes. We jaunted back to one morning and one afternoon nap and what seemed like a crazy early bedtime of 7pm for a few days and, thank God,  we are back on track.

Why not just cosleep?  I’ve tried, and let me tell you, if Pep and I are sharing a bed, only one of us is sleeping while the other is getting pummeled in the face.

What I’m feeding my kid had dissolved for a time into a lot of leftovers and the dreaded chicken nugget. Turns out Pep has good taste, she wanted nothing to do with those breaded lumps of ‘chicken’. To be fair,  when I’ve made my own chicken strips from scratch,  she balks at the breading.  Eggs became a vehicle for vegetables,  and a means for mom to rest her congested head a little longer.

We will get back on track!


As for now,  being at work has been exhausting though enjoyable. I’ve missed it, but it does make me grateful to have days at home with my  girl. We’re soaking up the colours of autumn, bundling up against the wind.  We’re crunching leaves and listening for geese. Dad and I are enjoying the yearly ritual of trying to figure out where the mice are getting in, and now,  where to put the traps so they catch rodents and not kids. Or lazy cats.

I will find my groove. Autumn is brief,  I’m holding tight to these chilly days before the snow flies. Beyond that, Halloween and Christmas loom (we’ve got some exciting ideas for Pep’s gift this year).


I just need to stop, take a breath,  crunch some leaves and tackle my girl with tickles.  Her deep,  throaty giggles being me back and put things into perspective. She helps me see that the laundry can wait a little while. 

And if you’re wondering will I ever get back to kid friendly recipes? Eventually. In time, in time . We had some good successes with zucchini tuna taco boats. For now, check out http://hellolunchlady.com.au for a recipe for Puftaloons  (pan fried scones,  easy to personalize). I served them this morning with a pile of fresh berries, cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup.  No, they do not contain vegetables and are basically a socially acceptable donut, but they were made from scratch and with love,  and went over well at our table today.


Till next time, folks! 

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