Oh Canada or How I spent my 30th birthday

Fitting reminscence on this, the 148th birthday of my home country, the great white north. Happy Canada Day! Peps is having an early snooze in an effort to make the parade ( which generally consists of about fifteen kids wandering about throwing candy and a fire truck). We’re having reprieve in the form of a cool drizzly day in the midst of a sweltering heat wave ( have I mentioned before that most Northern Albertans live sans AC??), which means during this nap time I am able to actually sit under a light throw blanket ( gasp!) and peruse photos of our recent camping trip to the mountains.

image image image image

This trip fell on the weekend of my 30th birthday, and while I know such a milestone is a fearsomeone for many, I felt utterly lucky to be celebrating it with the two most importatnt people in my life, in a place surrounded by beauty.

image image

here’s to you, Canada, and your gorgeous scenery, free health care and ten years of legal same sex marriage ( nice try, everyone who complained ‘I’m moving to Canada’ without doing research #lovewins).

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