Mirth and Laughter

My frosting melted.

And then my resolve melted.

I am a terrible host, I put a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself, and, like a fool, ran about the house tidying, cooking, cleaning and organizing, then realized, at lunch, I had missed breakfast. I had a brief meltdown about runny frosting, but managed to salvage the icing and my day. Thank God, for the husband and his good sense to just start helping without being directed.


Miss Pep was a bit panicked at first, but out came the watermelon and she cheered up in a hurry. We ate more than we needed to, and fanned ourselves lazily in the sweltering heat. The house is a mess and my feet are somehow covered in filth (flip flop season, huzzah).

My big girl is one, and I survived her first birthday party. I didn’t even do fancy themes and games and favors and all that charming pinterest stuff. But no one went away hungry, and Pepper smashed up the cake, just as she was meant to.

Now, here’s hoping I get better at this with time, and maybe I can learn to have a little more fun with the prep. After a week of preparing for our trip and then a week spent regrouping after said trip and organizing for this party, I am exhausted and it feels like it’s been ages since I chilled out, played with pepper, and actually focused on what we were doing.

I miss the girl, a little, in fact.


here’s to a summer of experiments and sensory play, baking and cooking and swimming, scratching bug bites and muddling mojitos, messy paint play and strawberries. Here’s to cuddles with Pep, and a little less cream cheese frosting in the days to come.

Here’s to me chilling out a bit and embracing my giggling girl attempting to figure out wrapping paper. Here’s to a girl in a party dress in a pile of dirt. Here’s to left over rice krispie squares. Here’s to my girl on her belated birthday, and here’s to learning to be better at all this kid stuff.

Here’s to many more birthdays.

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”
William Shakespeare

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