hey, it’s me

Wow, Ive been blog negligent. Mentally working up to a blog about the myths of breastfeeding, from the pov of those of us ( and i know there are many!) who never fully nail it, or who can’t produce milk at all ( why does the world pretend this doesn’t happen? I know at least ten local women, who, despite meds, were never able to produce enough to stop supplementing with formula. And were left to feel like failures…..).

Thinking a lot lately about how what we do affects our littles; too much junk food, phone time, tv, being judegemental and losing our cool. We’re shaping humans and can be so oblivious to our faults. My eleven month old has started to refuse her veggies when french fries are present……time to cut back on junk!

hoping to find some time to work up to a post about finding a balance between returning to work and being a SAHM. I’ve always dreamed of staying at home, but im getting a lot of encouragement from the wchool to return even part time….can do i both well or will I find I do both things half assed?

More importantly, my beautiful Pepper is eleven months old, nearing her first birthday! This wonderful, glorious rainbow baby of mine is becoming a toddler, running about the house, being very vocal with her favorite word, No, and smiling her huge, four toothed smile. Well be away on her birthday, and are hoping to pick a day to infuse with some vacay fun, while trying to juggle travelling meals and diapers and botched nap schedules.

stay tuned, ive got things to say….really just need a little more time….

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