Baked Goods and Baby Teeth

From the flour dusted kitchen of me:

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Pineapple upside down cake (my first) for the husband’s 31st birthday, as per his request.  fridge cooled slices eaten later for breakfast and on the couch as Pepper slept, indulging in episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Archer.

Basil infused chocolate chip cookies. Because brown butter and basil somehow make a delicious cookie. Slap a little sea salt on top and you’re glowing.

Toasted almond granola, perfect for crunching up that bowl of yogurt in the mornings. You know, the one you set down somewhere two or three hours ago and didn’t get to finish?

A mini batch of incidentally vegan chocolate chip cookies. Because maybe you drank the better part of a bottle of red wine with dinner. And maybe you’re a lightweight now, and it takes very little to talk you into making dessert. But, come on, you’re not a maniac. A batch of four is perfect.

Lazy woman’s granola banana muffins. Lazy because the entire thing can be made with one measuring cup, one measuring spoon and a freezer bag. If you play your cards right and have cupcake liners, you barely have to wash the tin. The perfect baking task for the mom who has about nine minutes of free time to bake, all while her child plays in the baking cupboard. And, come on, banana muffins? That’s practically salad.

In further post Christmas news, Pepper is clinging to my side like an adorable little barnacle, but my days of peeing alone are long over.

She’s getting a razor sharp little tooth, finally! And I prematurely mourning the loss of her gummy little drool faced smiles.

We left Pepper with friends of my husband’s in the city while we ventured into Costco (not much fun for the child who wants to move all the time!) They tell us she did great, but the puffy, tear streaked face I was greeted with upon our return suggests maybe not. To know the truth or not to, that is the question. Is it better to know that she likely cried until she fell asleep or to just pretend that they baby whispered her into a nap with three boys running around, without her beloved white noise machine and pacifier? Hmmmmm, that is the question indeed.

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