Ready, Set, Make and Bake

I’m a bit of an instagram whore.

I find myself styling things with rustic wooden spoons and tea towels and sprigs of cranberries, all in an effort to fluff up the looks of my life.

As of late, my most common hashtag is #muststopbaking

From scratch carrot cake, slightly tweaked recipe thieved from @hellokateberry

Cranberry white chocolate cookies.

Easy peasy shortbread.

Pumpkin spice muffins with cinnamon butter cream.

Caramel Bacon Brownies.

Classic gingerbread men, HEAVY on the cinnamon

It might be becoming a bit of a problem.

When my feed isn’t loaded with squishy cheeked baby poses, it is flooded with books, tea, frosty winter shots (for two months of the year, summer sun and crunchy leaves), and scads of baked goods. Let’s face it, I feel at home with flour on my face, with cocoa stuck to my elbows, and with beaten egg drying on the undersides of….well, everything. And when that cake, batch of cookies, quick bread, what have you is pulled from my less than spotless oven, I feel a sense of satisfaction. Hand me a camera, a pen, a paintbrush. Hand me a wooden spoon. Let me build something. Let me create, and I can feel content for a few more minutes.

I’ve been coveting feeds like @topwithcinnamon (who’s glorious cookbook I received for Christmas), @thealimentalsage, @thelittleloafblog and @kamrantsg.  (Yet another cookbook I’m lusting over and trying to exercise my willpower and not buy….)

What lovely albums of creativity, what collages of inspiration for day to day living (and often ridiculous indulgences…let’s face it, if we do this every day, we face early, though happy, death).

Insert applicable but unquestionably nerdy quote here:

“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.”
Joss Whedon

OH, to make a life and a living with words and wonder, styling and snapshots, baking and babies. That’s the dream, after all…..

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