Pixie Dust and Ho Ho Ho

The husband really is a kid at heart.

6:30 am, Pepper squawked. The husband sprang out of bed, alert. Crusty eyed, I stumbled after and greeted our little one, who’s tiny smile melts my heart every day, but somehow it’s melty-ness was exponential that morning.


I knew the husband hadn’t slept well all night, tossing and turning restlessly, waking at every noise. Waiting, perhaps, for jingle bells? Christmas morning. A mug of indulgent dulce de leche and a couple of mandarin oranges, save for the coffee, the same breakfast I’ve eaten on December 25th since I was a child. We gathered around our stockings, helping Pepper pull out shakers and toys that fit perfectly into her little hands. Typically, she was more drawn to the paper and lights, but the magic still seemed to hover around our shoulders as we peeled back paper, revealing lovely gifts from one another; new measuring cups and spoons (a favorite for Pep ), hearty leather work mitts, loads and loads of books.


Poor Pepper, overwhelmed and ready to nap before the sun was up, rested in her crib to recharge. A morning spent lounging.  A little bacon, bright smiles as we unearthed hoards of new toys thanks to aunts, uncles grandmas and grandpas (on a side note, my grandparents, aunts and uncles didn’t flood me with gifts as a child. I worry Pep will grow up expecting thirty some odd Christmas presents, forgetting the magic and fun that lives in the rest of the season). The hustle and bustle of the day, traveling to relatives, games and family, kids chasing kids, full of energy and chocolate. Too  much good food and many laughs. Funny how kids never play strange with other kids. Pepper crawled frantically after her cousins. That is, of course, when they weren’t hovering over her trying to anticipate what toy she should play with next. All of us, by days end, burnt out and tired, hauling bags and boxes home through the snow, Pep in tears of exhaustion, and finally silently watching the lights as we drove home. Hearts full. Even, so young, Christmas with a child is truly magic. And that’s all I want for her. Forever. Just a little magic.

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