In The Early Hours

Got up this morning before the house was awake.

It was still dark. I had to use my phone as a flashlight to get dressed and avoid waking the husband.

Brewed myself a chai latte and curled up on the couch just as the sun crested the horizon in a flash of red.  Strapped on the breast pump (the soundtrack to my life). Wah wah hwah hwah hwah.

Being October, I dove back into my somewhat staccato horror movie marathon (if you happen to be into that sort of thing, I blog reviews here.)

As the room grew light and I finished up an admittedly mediocre film. I switched it off, took in the quiet of the house and just enjoyed the warming day. A skiff of snow still lay on the grass, the picnic table outside lay under a thin sheet of white.

A warm sip of chai.

A deep breath.

A sudden fart noise.

Baby girl is up. Raspberries are the trick of the day. Pbbthbbbbbbt.

And I was greeted with the smell of poo, and the world’s biggest smile.

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