A Reminder

This morning, I dressed my daughter in a onesie bought for her never born big brother or sister.


It felt strange, and a little like betrayal.

But by the naptime, when it was drenched in baby drool and being snuggled up against me by a smiling Pepper, it felt OK again.

This tiny article of clothing is the first hand me down she ever had, though never worn and never needed.

A reminder.

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2 Responses to A Reminder

  1. waitingonourwelcome says:

    I thought about this as I was going through Calvin’s newborn clothes. We bought some sleepers for our first baby, and even having them out for Calvin felt like a betrayal of sorts. But then when I realized that hand-me-downs are part of life, it felt more natural that Calvin should wear his never worn older brother/sister’s clothes.

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