Take Another Little Piece of My Heart Now Baby

I’ve been sick. I’ve had a cold that only someone who works with children under six can truly appreciate. Today, I sound like Janis Joplin, after chain smoking ten or so packs of cigarettes . I have missed some workdays recently.


Today I returned. I am not exactly up to snuff, and admittedly had a brief power nap at the staffroom lunch table.

A coworker, not a particularly close one, sidled up to me with a goofy smile and a secret in her eyes.

‘You’ve been sick……..is it good sick? Are you pregnant?’

This coworker makes other people’s business her own on a regular basis. She puts on a facade as though she is a dear friend, in an attempt to pry information from you. Sadly, she’s as transparent as a window, and I’ve never fallen for her gimmicks.

She signed the sympathy card in June when I lost the baby. “I’m so sorry for your loss, we are all here for you.”

And here she is, smiling slyly, expecting me to divulge some secret that I would share with no one but her, just because she asked.

I would never ask someone if they were pregnant. Not just now, having a greater appreciation for losses and infertility, difficulty conceiving, carrying to term. I have always felt that if I suspected someone were pregnant, they’d tell me when they wanted me to know.

None the less, I maintained some tact, held back the punch I felt like tossing into the side of her head, and coldly said, ‘Given my history, were that the case, I’d hardly be broadcasting it to anyone who wandered up and asked me. When I have something to tell, you can bet I’ll be telling on my own terms.’

I then told her I have had a bad cold, as she may have guessed by my sexy jazz voice, and laid my head back down for two more minutes of power nap. She changed the subject and I largely ignored her.

I’m a little sensitive to the topic, admittedly. I may not be making new friends at the office, but I’m taking a tip from my current vocal inspiration, and I’m just gonna be awesome.

“Don’t compromise yourself, you’re all you’ve got.”-Janis Joplin

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