And The Stars Fell Down Around Us

Last night we lugged our sleeping bags to the dew moistened field and tucked ourselves in under the stars. Cups of tea (and coffee) in hand, we felt the chill on our faces as the orange sliver of moon slowly sunk below the treeline. Above us, clusters of stars and constellations expanded over the sky. They seemed to be hanging low, just above us, almost within arms reach. Distant lightning flashed on the river, sending pulsating blinks through our peripheral vision.
The northern lights peeked up into the sky above the horizon, shifting and twisting in the air, color swirling and winking at us. Tired eyes open wide, taking in this expanse of night, we watched meteors streak through the sky, glowing trails following behind.
We breathed in the deep, cold quiet. Distant bats chirping, the occasional grasshopper clacking against our bags. A soft whispery rustle as the wind combed through the trees. Stars fell above us. The sky shedding it’s skin, becoming new.
We are lucky to be here, in this moment, watching the sky fall down around us, I thought, and wished on every star that things could always be this way. Calm, quiet and free, exposed to the beauty of the world, tired, but wrapped up in my husband’s arms under a shimmering night.
I sent up wishes for our future. For our health. For our plans and hopes. For our baby. I sent up, on the wings of thought, hovering close to sleep and dabbling in dreams, love and comfort, and the message that I miss her, I love her, and I wanted her, but that I know I cannot have her back.
And the sky continued to fall down around us, star by star, leaving glittering trails behind.

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4 Responses to And The Stars Fell Down Around Us

  1. amourningmom says:

    Sending hope and hugs along with your precious wishes.

  2. Kate says:

    A really beautiful moment. We have to have eyes to see all the good still around us, in spite of our loss. Glad you were able to to experience that beauty, with your husband. Those moments are precious, too. Hugs.

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