Two Months Gone

I may not cry today.
Two months and one day ago my world was familiar. I swept through the days with ease, I felt I had everything I needed.
A piece of that puzzle was lost. An irreplaceable fragment of me was removed, cruelly torn away, sent to a place unknown.
I’ve lived within a cloud of grief, and though blue sky peeks through often, some days open up and pour. This cloud may shrink over time, it may contract, one day it may fit in my hand. Then, Ill tuck it in my pocket, running my hands over it from time to time, remembering where I’ve been. Remembering where I am not. Maybe finding some comfort in where I find myself then.
There are storms churning within these clouds, electric bursts, building strength. They swirl overhead like vultures waiting for impending death. An insidious darkness bleeds in from the edges.
Two months and one day ago, there were blue skies and sun on my shoulders.
Today, though I can feel the wind at my back, I can hear thunder in the distance, I know it may not rain. Maybe today the storm puts up a fight, a big show, rages up towards me with a fury I didn’t know two months and one day ago.
Maybe that ominous storm falls flat at my feet and the blue sky regains her ground.
Maybe I won’t cry today, two months gone.
But maybe I will.

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